Why invest in Surrey residential property

Surrey is one of the richest counties in the UK. It performs well in terms of education, health and food. The quality of education in the county is quite good. The rich opportunity offers countless prospects for both real estate investors, and having a rental house in the area ensures a constant flow of income.

It houses many international schools as well as international students. This means that there is a growing demand for rental houses such as apartments. More residential properties, therefore, will be needed to meet surging demand for rental homes. The presence of amenities like access to public transportation, health care, water, police protection and schools also influences demand.

The underlying forces of supply and demand make a good reason to invest in Surrey. Also, the lower capital values and rising rents are attracting more and more investors into the real estate market. It is also worth noting here that Surrey is close to London, meaning rental fees are quite expensive.

Another reason to invest in Surrey residential properties has to do with social factors. People in the UK have the primary desire for companionship and territory. Plus, prestige and cost of the county motivates people to desire the place. Factors such as pride of ownership, education and standards of living are normally considered before one can try his or her hands on residential property investment.

There is a booming business in the county. Considering that there are hundreds of multinational companies, such as Toyota, McLaren, BP, Sony and other knowledge-based businesses, real estate investors might want to tap into the local market by investing in residential houses for a constant source of income. Surrey is also a home for key industries such as pharmaceuticals, advanced engineering and ICT.

Tourism is another key factor that makes the place attractive to investors. The woody county of Surrey attracts a good deal of tourists on a yearly basis. One will have a fun time there while living quietly in his or her own home. Having a place to stay will certainly add to the fun for the tourists. It is therefore a great place to invest in.

Buy-to-let property is another lucrative form of real estate investment in Surrey. It is basically the process of buying a property with the primary intent of renting it out. In Surrey, anyone can buy a property and rent it out, provided they adhere to the law and pay their taxes.

In conclusion, investing in Surrey residential property is highly recommended. Over the long-term, properties often appreciate, and in Surrey and the UK at large, rental fees tend to grow by a certain percentage every year. This is an additional bonus of investing in residential property.

Important Advice for Owner-Builders: Finance before you Build your Dream Home

It is a dream for owner-builders to build their very own new home. There is no greater satisfaction for owner-builders than to admire their new home. Building a new home requires great amount of work and money. Often owner-builders spend their money on the following things:

• Excavating their land; and
• Pouring the slab.

It is only after they have completed the above-mentioned work they realise that:

• They have run out of their own funds;
• They have no money left to finish building their new dream home; and
• They require finance for completing the project.

Can Owner-Builders experience Problems while getting Finance?

The short answer is yes. Owner-builders often realise that:

• Many banks do not like to lend to owner-builders, and if they do, they will usually lend around 50-60% of the value of the land plus costs (This is often not enough to cover the construction of their new dream home);

• They are often being loaned money by the banks for something that does not yet exist; and

• They need to convince the banks that they can get the job done on time, and within budget. To avoid financial problems, you must prepare beforehand and start working on getting owner-builder construction finance.

Quick Information

Here is a list of things that you need to consider and which can be helpful to you as an owner-builder:

For an Owner-Builder Project:

• Funds are usually advanced in five progress stages;

• Lenders/credit providers will only pay out once each stage has been fully completed; and

• Before a stage is paid out, a valuer needs to sign-off on each completion stage.

As an Owner-Builder You will be required to:

• Pay a deposit, when you order the materials. This means you will require a large percentage of your budget (sometimes 50%) at the start of your building project.

Preparing your Building Project Documents

You should approach the building project in the same way as a building contractor would. This means preparing:

• Your professional “plans” and “specifications”;

• A detailed and accurate building “cost estimate”; and

• A proposed “construction schedule”.

So, before you start excavating your land and pouring the slab, make sure you have your dream home completely designed, built and paid for, on paper.

Seek Expert Advice

Being an owner-builder can be (and often is) a wonderful and satisfying experience that can save you money and will result in building your dream home. But, when things go wrong, it can take an immediate toll on your finances.

So, get expert advice right from the start. Employ the services of a finance broker who specialises in owner-builder finance, and who knows exactly how to help you.

Loya Insurance – Do You Need Local Insurance Agent?

When purchasing online, you do not actually meet the agents in person, meaning they will answer all your questions and inquiries from website application or emails. Regardless of how good the agents are, such indirect communication cannot be as effective as a direct conversation between buyers and sellers, and this is where Loya Insurance comes in. This company provides both ways of conducting business, via Internet and through a local agent, to suit everybody’s needs.

Local Insurance Agents

The absence of insurer’s agents may leave you with plenty of unanswered questions. You can hire your own independent agent to help with underwriting and coverage options, but it means you need to spend extra money for the services. Fred Loya auto insurance eliminates the needs for the middleman. Thanks to its widespread network of branch offices in Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Colorado Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, Alabama, and more. It has 526 agencies in the country, and, therefore, there is always a Fredloya agent to help you even when you make an online purchase.

Does it have to be local?

The local agent is certainly better than an online agent. Fred Loya Insurance is known for its focus on local communities and the fact that the company puts its agents in public-accessible places. If your agent understands the local driving risk and other related circumstances, it is easier for you to get help and choose the proper types of coverage for your specific needs. Loya uses more conventional approach to reach potential customers; you can find the company from advertisements in common media including the radio, yellow pages, newspaper, television, billboard, and newspaper. In case you need to ask questions about insurance terms stated in your policy, acceptable payment method, perils, or anything, a local agent whom you can meet in person can elaborate an explanation more clearly to make you understand better.

Loya Insurance provides various types of policies that cover standard, as well as non-standard insurance coverage. All policies provide Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, PIP, and Medical Payments. Payment options are also available, allowing you to break down the total cost into monthly payment schedule.

A Working Capital Loan – What to Know About It

Working capital can be defined as the funds which are needed to run any business on a daily basis. More particularly, it is the amount which is required to convert the raw materials into the finished goods that a company sells. Technically, working capital will be obtained by subtracting the current liabilities from the current assets. Defining a company’s efficiency and financial status, working capital can be the amount which is required by a company to carry out daily operations. Availabilities to the alternate channels like stock selling, inventory maintenance, issuing bonds and accounts receivables, almost all the major businesses are able to maintain a good working capital every time. Since small or new businesses often face working capital issue, therefore these firms always look for the funds to carry out daily operations. One of the main reasons of lacking in working capital is small firms tend to end up exceeding current liabilities than the current assets. This is the reason that most of the small firms fall behind their loans and hence they termed as bankruptcy. Working capital loans for small business are great solutions which help such firms with a scope to grow by fulfilling the businesses’ needs. Please note that working capital loans are not meant to buy fixed assets or for investment, instead these can be opted for clearing up the accounts payable, short-term credit, wages, advertising and other types of business debts.The shortage and improper management of working capital actually increase the threat of failure for new, especially small businesses. This will also stop growing and materializing them on a number of opportunities. Lack of working capital can also be considered as a major treat for any business as it directly affects the financial health and stop the on going operations. A working capital loan can complement the credit history of any business in true manner which then offers a continuous cash flow in order to carry out the operations on a daily basis. Mainly assisting a business to pay its debts and making short-term investments, a working capital loan usually reaches its maturity with a period of a year or two. Conventionally, a security was needed to obtain a working capital loan, however most of the financial institutions these days offer flexible loan programs which do not demand for any collateral. However, various new criteria are now followed in order lend a working capital amount. Credit history comes at number one place. After that, other types of investments along with the ability to repay are considered.So, if you are planning to set up a new business then look for a working capital loan which will help you in your bad times.